Slavery Timeline

Slavery timeline Slavery quick facts

·Slavery is as old as humanity.
·All societies in history have practiced one form or other of slavery.
·African societies kept slaves but these were never maltreated and were considered part of the household.
·The Transatlantic Slave Trade lasted over 400 years and was very brutal and degrading.
·It is estimated that Britain alone transported over 3.5 million Africans into the West Indies; to work on the plantations. Over 14 million Africans were transported.
·Millions of Africans lost their lives during this period.
·Indigenous Indians in the Caribbean Islands were wiped out when the slave traders took over their land.
·Slavery still exist today in the forms of debt bondage, child labour, people trafficking and unfair labour laws.

Slavery timeline 

5000 BC - 30 BC
Egyptians used slaves
for hard work
900BC - 146BC
Ancient Greek society
based on slave labour
753 BC - 476 AD
The gladiators
were Roman slaves
700 AD
Arab Slave trade
Slave Trade begins
1700 AD
Arab Slave Trade at its
1800 AD
Arab Slave Trade
takes a brutal turn
as it becomes their
economy mainstay
1807 AD
The British abolish
transatlantic slave trade
1833 AD
Slavery abolished in
British colonies
1861 AD
American civil war
abolishes slavery
1876 AD
Europe abolishes
slave trade
Modern day
2007 AD
Prison sentences
for slavers in
New York millionaire jailed for keeping
two slaves
2012 AD
Australian woman jailed for keeping slave worker
2012 AD
London man jailed for keeping his daughter in-law as a slave


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