Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Transatlantic Slave Trade timeline

1441 AD
Portuguese ships transport the first slaves from West Africa
1448 AD
Portuguese set up the first slave trading post in Africa
1502 AD
The Spanish transport
the first African slaves  to American plantations
1562 AD
John Hawkins
becomes England
first slave trader
1570s AD
African slaves taken to Brazil by the Portuguese
1683 AD
Most indigenous
have been wiped out
1780s AD
People begin to campaign against the
slave trade
1791 AD
Slaves in Haiti revolt
and defeat British and
Spanish armies
1807 AD
Britain abolishes
the slave trade
1833 AD
Slave trade abolished in
British colonies
1861 AD
Slave trade
abolished in America
1876 AD
The rest of Europe
abolish slave trade

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